Theses/Dissertations from 2021

Detection of Microconidia in Microscopy Images of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense Using Neural networks, Erinn Giannice Abigan

Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for the Detection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense in Soil Samples, Josh Daniel Ong

FasssTrace: Social Network Analysis Approach in Modeling Contract Tracing for Covid-19 in the Philippines, Zachary Pangan

Optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks for Detection of Childhood Pneumonia using Neural Network Pruning, Christian Michael Qui,

Test Framework for Quality of Service Mechanisms for Multilayered Distributed Topology in a Software-Defined Networking Environment, Josiah Eleazar Regencia

Reproducing Musicality: Emulating Human Musicality through Immediate Learning and Sequential Evolution, Aran Samson

Intelligent Learning System for Automata (ILSA) and the Learners' Achievement Goal Orientations, Cesar Tecson

Utilizing Artificial Intellegence to Detect Deceit in Videos of Filipinos, Matthew Laurence Uy

Theses/Dissertations from 2020

Design and Development of Credenceledger, A Secure, Efficient and Scalable Blockchainbased System for Educational Records Certification, Authentication and Verification, Rodelio Arenas

Implementation of an On-line Domain-Specific Handwriting Recognition Interface for Electronic Medical Records, Viktor Mikhael Dela Cruz

Development of an Algorithm for Dividing Video Stimuli into Areas of Intesests (AOI) for Synamic Eye-Tracking Data Pre-processing, Ezekiel Adriel Lagmay

A Social Network Analysis Approach to Modeling Learning Interactions in a Social Learning Management System, Orven Llantos

Improving the Classification of LANDSAT-8 OLI Images Using Neighborhood Median Pixel Values, Abraham Magpantay

Development of a Framework for Compensation Detection during Robotic Stroke Rehabilitation Therapy using Convex Geometrical Decision Boundaries, Sean Rich Uy

Hand Gesture Recognition for Smartphone-based Augmented Reality, Eric Cesar Vidal, Jr.

Development of a Framework for a Blockchain-Enabled Token Economy Model in an Electronic Medical Record System: Quantifying User Engagement During Doctor-Patient Consultations, Dennis Andrew Villamor

Theses/Dissertations from 2019


Modeling the spread of health information using social network analysis : understanding public perception on Dengvaxia, ANGELU BIANCA ABRIGO

Modeling the Spread of Helath Information using Social Network Analysis: Understanding Public Perception on Dengvaxia, Angelu Bianca Abrigo

Comparative Analysis of Content-Based Recommender Systems Using Distance Metrics and Feature Sets for Classical Music, Ana Felicia Cruz


Modeling student task persistence in a learning-by-teaching environment, CRISTINA DUMDUMAYA

Improving Incremental Packrat Parsing, Jerwin Mark Guillermo


Dynamical modeling of measles epidemics using a networked metapopulation approach, JANN RAILEY MONTALAN

Dynamical Modeling of Measles Epidemics Using a Networked Metapopulation Approach, Jann Railey Montalan

On Experience Replay, Renzo Roel Tan


Towards the development of a blockchain-enabled voice-to-text transcriber plugin in an electronic medical record for doctor-patient conversations, STEPHEN JOHN MATTHEW WENCESLAO

Toward the Development of a Blokchain-enabled Voice-to-Text Transcriber Plugin in an Electronic Medical Record for Doctro-Patient Conversations, Stephen John Matthew Wenceslao

Theses/Dissertations from 2018


A comparative analysis of centralized and distributed load balancing in a software-defined networking environment, PATRICK VON ANGELO ATIENZA


Detecting student carefulness in an educational game for physics, MICHELLE BANAWAN


Neural networks for neutrality classification of Filipino call center agents' English pronunciation, REY BENJAMIN BAQUIRIN


A mobile augmented reality application with user defined virtual elements : an alternative way of art gallery interaction, MELQUIZEDEK BORBON


Dengue fever incidence forecasting : methodological approach in comparing SVR and LSTM models for design and implementation of a web-based forecasting framework, ISABELLE-LYNN CO


Reducing the Teknomo-Fernandez pixel processing through Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) descriptor matching, JAVIER TEODORO FLAVIER


Recognizing wheel-spinning in a novice programming context within a meaningful gamification system, Rejeenald Flores


Faster broad-phase collission detection for motion planning, MARY AVELINE GERMAR


Microscopic Fusarium detection and analyses with convolutional neural networks, HADRIAN PAULO M. LIM


Developing a framework for horizontally scalable network flow analytics on the Hadoop ecosytem, MIGUEL ZENON NICANOR SAAVEDRA


Summarization algorithms performance for topic clustered twitter microblogs, JOHN SIXTO G. SANTOS


Modeling the incubation effect among students playing an educational game for physics, MAY MARIE TALANDRON


Learning computational thinking through a collaborative mobile serious game, VICTOR PATRICK G. TANEDO


Readme.txt : a case study on the effectiveness of mobile learning in improving reading comprehension among students, ANNA LORRAINE UY


Characterizing individual and pair gaze patterns in a pair program tracing and debugging eye tracking experiment, MAUREEN VILLAMOR

Theses/Dissertations from 2017


Designing UX and UI for the perceived credibility of government websites : a Philippine case study, ZARAH ELIZABETH ARCEGA


Revision and testing of a framework for the development of embodied cognition learning games, JONATHAN CASANO


Improved techniques in vector auto regression for time-series link prediction, JAN MILES A. CO


Using social network analysis in understanding the public discourse on gender violence : an agent-based modelling approach, MELIZA DE LA PAZ


Leveraging an existing learning management system for alternative learning, MIKAELA MALIT


A 3D modelling system using human hand gestures to generate shapes in virtual reality using a leap motion controller, JUAN FAUXTIN MARQUES


An Investigation of the Einstellung effect among novice and intermediate programmers, JUN RANGIE OBISPO


Automated counter-melody generation for monophonic melodies, LUKE PRUDENTE


The Integration of a modified balcik last mile distribution model using open road networks into a relief operations management information system, LANCE GABRIEL PUTONG


Towards the development of an electronic nose for general odor classification, MARY ANNE ROA


Approximations to geolocation of disaster related tweets, JOHN CLIFFORD ROSALES


Composing hybrid genre music using targets derived from melodic analysis and statistical data, ARAN SAMSON


The creation of a digital game simulating high-functioning autism spectrum disorders to induce empathy in neurotypical players, HANNAH ELYSE TEE


Two color quantization algorithms for efficient image compression, JAIME MIGUEL TROPEZADO


Modeling negative affect detector of novice programming students through keyboard dynamics and mouse behavior, LARRY VEA


Feature set reduction and analysis for skin disease classification modeling using SVM-KNN and neural network, JOSHUA ZAMBALES

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Using a hybrid software development approach in implementing The Mind Museum's exhibition service management system, CABANTAC BRYANT

Development of SIANN : Shine Intelligent Assistant using Neural Networks for electronic medical records, PULMANO CHRISTIAN

Integrating Philippine health indices towards the development of a typhoid disease model using STEM, CO ISABELLE-LYNN

Ideal flow and critical node analysis of the Metro Manila road network, CHAN JACOB


New Heuristics and exact algorithms for the planted DNA (l, d)-Motif finding problem, NABOS JULIETA

EMS-GT2 : an improved exact solution for the (l, d)-planted motif search problem, RONQUILLO MARK JOSEPH

An Exploration of the performance aspects of various quality of service mechanisms in an OpenFlow and software defined networking environment, CHATO OLIVER

New Algorithms for image compression based on block truncation coding, DAGA RYAN REY

An Algorithm for accurate real-time background subtraction, ESER XAVIER JEASPHER

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Improving the performance of flash codes using absorption, multibit sub-blocks, and delay of block erasure point, MAGUYON ARIEL

Multimodal public transportation route planner for Metro Manila, NARBONETA CHELCIE

Circular pair flash code, AGUSTIN JASPER

Visualizing text data for disaster information, ISLA JHOANNA

Automated validation of a model on measuring correlates of crowdsourced flood reports, VICTORINO JOHN NOEL

Development of a method for identifying key features that promote continuous user participation in a community-based computing system, ILAGAN JOHN OWEN

An Efficient algorithm for determining reconstruction priority for Metro Manila post-disaster road network, ISLA LEANDRO

Improving an exact solution to the (l,d)-Planted motif problem using a pattern-based speedup technique, SIA MARIA CLARA ISABEL


Improving the Teknomo-Fernandez background image modeling algorithm for foreground segmentation, ABU PATRICIA ANGELA


K-Partition flash code with BIFC-based sharing and some variants, ORTIZ RIZ RUPERT

Modeling agent formations in two-party adversarial crowds : the case of kettling and bodyguard formations, POSADAS VECTOR ION

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Building a fitness function for automated classical melody evaluation, CORONEL ANDREI

A comparative analysis of intention-based score trajectories and update characteristics trajectories among novice programming students, GATCHALIAN ELAINE

Bi-modal flash code combining index-less indexed flash code and layered index-less indexed flash code, ESLING HERBERT JOSEPH

A study of the relationships between learning and affect trajectories within Newton's Playground, ANDRES JUAN MIGUEL

The sequential cascade flash code : an implementation of simultaneous bit updates for improved flash code performance, BAUTISTA MARK

Gait pattern detection system using wireless sensors : collecting, classifying, and predicting gait patterns for compliance monitoring of prosthesis use, LEETIAN NADIA ROWENA

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Exploring the pair sharing partition coding scheme in developing a more efficient flash code, PAJARILLO ADRIAN LEO

Exploring melodic features for the classification and retrieval of traditional music in the context of cultural source, CO JAN MILES

Exploring melodic features for the classification and retrieval of traditional music in the context of cultural source, CO JAN MILES

Modifying the K-medoid algorithm to improve gene expression data clustering using Biological Homogeneity Index (BHI) and Biological Stability Index (BSI), AUREUS JELLY

Framework for implementing a public cloud-based course management system, FAYLON JUAN LUIS


Towards a bilingual sentiment analysis model for English and Filipino, DE LEON MARLENE

Pedestrian tracking system using mobile phone device and bluetooth technology, MUIN MUDZNA

Development of an affect-sensitive agent for aplusix, ANDALLAZA THOR COLLIN

Background image reconstruction using random frame sampling and logical bit operations, CHU VARIAN SHERWIN

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Generating an SVM Kernel function using genetic algorithm, BALDOS IMMER

Serious games : developing the Philippines-Spanish era as a strategy role playing game using flash, SALVADORA JOHN ARIEL

Effective help-seeking behavior among students using an intelligent tutoring system for math : a cross-cultural comparison, SORIANO JOSE CARLO

Modeling different shopper behaviors for macroscopic simulation : shop visit and path usage of different shopper behaviors, RAMOS MARK LINUS

Automated multi-object tracker with hybrid particle filter and data association from fixed camera view, ALAMPAY RAPHAEL

Measuring the incidence and persistence of affective transitions and their relationship with learner performance in SQL-tutor, GUIA THEA FAYE

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Authorship attribution using phonologically-based style markers, DUMALUS ALVIN FRANCIS

Detecting confusion among novice programmers using Bluej compile logs, LEE DIANE MARIE