Heidegger, Foucault, and an Affordance Theory of Technology

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Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy



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Remmon E. Barbaza, PhD


In Being Given, Jean-Luc Marion rehabilitates an understanding of a phenomenon, removing all metaphysical presuppositions and principles, reduced to its givenness as what gives itself to show itself. Central to liberating the phenomenon from what restricts it from showing itself by giving itself involves a re-grounding of the metaphysical subject imposing conditions to the phenomenon as the cogito or as the transcendental I or as the intentional subject or as Dasein. Only then that the phenomenon can genuinely begin to unfold as itself and understood as unconditioned, hence saturated, infinite in meaning, beyond objective intelligibility and comprehension, accordingly as truth showing itself by giving itself. Hence, this thesis argues that the whole phenomenology of givenness also delivers an understanding of the self as such beyond the ground of the subject to an unconditioned and saturated framework laid down by givenness. First the flesh, which retrieves a passive capacity of the cogito in understanding its self, not through representation and clear and distinct idea alone but by immediate affectivity of its self-having able to feel its self-feeling. Second the face of the other, which summons from the flesh a response, decision, and action that gives this self to its self and even more characterize and individualize this self. Hence, the self becomes unrepresented, unconditioned, and yet, understood beginning from itself by giving its self. Here, the appropriate knowledge, investigation and interpretation of givenness unfolds in every self, not only to liberate the phenomenon from the subject but for the self to attune to the truth of its self as given to its self, liberated to unfold its self infinitely in its givenness.

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