Translating the Idiom of Oppression: A Genealogical Deconstruction of Filipinization and the Nineteenth Century Construction of the Modern Philippine Nation

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Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy



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Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, PhD


Manifiesto of Padre Jose Burgos (1864); 2) the writings of the Filipino ilustrados in La Solidaridad (1889 1895); and 3) Jose Rizal’s Annotations on Dr. Antonio de Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (1890) inasmuch as it leads to the nineteenth (19th) century ideological construction of the modern Philippine nation. Utilizing Jacques Derrida’s deconstructive thinking, this study undertakes a genealogical cri-tique engaged on the discursive analysis of the term “Filipino” and the various notions of Filipino identity given in the different texts mentioned above in order to philosoph-ically demonstrate the claim that Filipinization effectively translates the colonial epis- temic violence of Eurocentric racism and its consequent “horror of absolutism” into the homo-hegemony of Filipino nationalisms.

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