Update on the species distribution and diversity of the family Dytiscidae (Insecta: coleoptera) in the Philippines with a key to the Genera

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Master of Science in Biology



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Freitag, Hendrik, Ph.D.


This study shows taxonomic results of the AdMU Philippine Predacious Diving Beetle collection, as well as faunistic surveys at Mt. Natib River (Bataan), Boton River (Zambales), Lower Baroc River Catchment (Oriental Mindoro) and Hydro Falls River System (Benguet) with the use of manual sampling, handnets and light traps to capture the specimens. Map distribution of different Dytiscid subfamilies and a newly developed illustrated key to the genera are also presented. Records of 16 Dytiscid genera with a total of 37 species and subspecies of which 11 are endemic and 8 presumably undescribed species are listed for the Philippines. The subfamily Hydroporinae has the highest number of specimens recorded with 14 species in total. While genus Copelatus has the highest number of species examined with four presumably undescribed species. The data collected contribute to the understanding of Dytiscidae that will help support future conservation and management strategies of dytiscids and aquatic coleoptera in the country.


The B5.S245 2018