Game-based student response system : its effect on students' academic achievement and attitude in biology

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Master of Science in Science Education



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Lagunzad, Catherine G.B., Ph.D.


This study used a mixed method, quasi-experimental design to determine the effect of game-based student response system (GSRS) on students academic achievement and attitude in Biology. Two groups were randomly selected as the participants in this study: (1) traditional group (n=41) and GSRS-mediated group (n=40). The traditional group had the conventional formative assessment while the GSRS-mediated group had the game-based formative assessment through the use of Kahoot! After the intervention, the scores of both groups improved significantly based on the paired samples t-test analysis. However, the independent samples t-test analysis revealed that the academic achievement between the two groups did not differ significantly. On the other hand, the mean scores of the GSRS-mediated group in the post-attitudinal survey was significantly higher than that of the traditional group. Students perceived that the use of GSRS helped in the improvement of their test scores in Biology and in the development of a more positive attitude towards learning Biology.


The B5.D366 2018