Society and Culture: Matrix and Schema for Character Formation

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This paper deals with how society and culture may shape us; how some sub-cultures may shape ‘others’; how we behave and embody our own worlds replete with models for imitation. Despite this socio-cultural determination; it is assumed in this study that in the process of formation; choice is possible; and that choice is limited. Choice is possible when one is free to choose; that is; when one is able to choose other than the possible range of choices offered by society and culture. I am free to choose my food because I am free to choose other than those offered by McDonalds or KFC or Chowking or Jollibee; etc. because I am free to refuse them and the other range of choices possible. Character formation (and choice) faces limits when the range of choices is narrowed down to what is necessary—more so when one is constrained by mimetic upbringing; one that is largely limited to imitating others’ or elders’ choices.