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Recent developments in Catholic Social (CST) has highlighted the concept of integral ecology, which dovetails with the concept of Doughnut Economics (DE), used by different local government units and organizations to develop their post-COVID-19 economies and societies that are more just, sustainable, and equitable. This intersection of ideas between CST and DE is a fruitful point for dialogue between economics and theology in order to help attain the vision of flourishing of life and prosperity that both disciplines are seeking to achieve, particularly in line with the sustainable development goals on decent work and economic growth and sustainable cities and communities. This paper develops this dialogue, by arguing for three ways that CST can help in strengthening DE further in terms of i.) fleshing out a more robust understanding of human nature, ii.) emphasizing the importance of arts and culture, and iii.) articulating the role of and reform needed in business in achieving the vision of flourishing for the ecosystem, of which human beings are a part of.