Towards the Design and Development of an Adaptive Gamified Task Management Web Application to Increase Student Engagement in Online Learning

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With the COVID-19 pandemic postponing face-to-face classes and closing down the doors of educational institutions worldwide, online learning is one of the alternatives which these institutions have been adopting. With the advent of these online learning systems, students face many barriers which include lack of time and motivation. To help address these barriers in online learning, this paper presents the design and development of a gamified task management web application which aims to increase student engagement and motivation. In addition, this paper also aims to determine how these implemented gamified features can further be developed for adaptive learning. The application was developed incorporating design elements from two gamification frameworks which aim to improve users’ motivation and engagement while catering to as wide an audience as possible. In addition, data which can be gathered from the application may prove helpful towards the design and development of further adaptive gamified features. Future work on the application includes testing its effectiveness with student audiences and implementation of further adaptive features.