Usisa, Saliksik, at Tiyaga: The Task of Philosophizing in Ferriols's Translation of the Apology

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This essay is a critical exposition on the translation by Roque Ferriols of Plato’s Apology. By reading this particular rendering alongside the original text as well as various translations in English, we will see certain nuances that inform us of how Ferriols views and expresses the philosophical task that Socrates is exhorting us towards in this work. We will see how details regarding verb choice and sentence construction become instrumental in presenting a specific vision of the philosophical endeavour: that it may involve an interrogation of truth-claims (usisa), but cannot simply be reduced to that, as it perhaps also involves a certain inquiry (saliksik) that goes further; more importantly, however, is how it is also and perhaps primarily a call to properly care and strive (tiyaga) for what truly matters.