Looking through the Eyes of Global Englishes: Enhancing English Language Teaching in Multicultural Classrooms

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English has many flavors; but there are many teachers who forget this reality because the language curriculum and the school culture dictate that they merely focus on what is regarded as Standard English. They favor native-speaker norms and enforce the English-only policy in the classroom. For them; the concept of Global Englishes is threatening. Instead of seeing its power to facilitate learning; they question and resist it. For other teachers who acknowledge the potential of Global Englishes; it poses a dilemma because they are uncertain about advocating it; not wanting to go against established English language teaching approaches. This chapter describes English language teaching in the Philippines and discusses the challenges that 10 PhD students face in adopting Global Englishes in their teaching contexts as revealed in a focus group discussion. It unveils the cultural and linguistic divides that exist in tertiary multicultural classrooms in various regions in the country. Possible steps and practical options that may be taken in espousing Global Englishes to promote diversity and equality are offered. Principles that may be considered in producing lessons to enhance students' intercultural awareness and competence are presented. The chapter shows how spaces for alternative perspectives and innovative practices may be created in English language teaching.