Children of the Postcolony: Filipino Intellectuals and Decolonization, 1946-1972

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Writing against historical forgetting; Charlie Samuya Veric reconstructs the foundations of Filipino postcolonial thought following Philippine independence from the United States in 1946. On the one hand; he narrates the rise of postcolonial knowledge after the formal birth of the nation. On the other; he examines the ideas of the first generation of intellectuals who came of age after independence—Edith L. Tiempo; Fernando Zobel; Bienvenido L. Lumbera; E. San Juan; Jr.; and Jose Maria Sison—whose penetrating insights into literary formalism; modern art; vernacular tradition; subaltern internationalism; and mass revolution constitute key cultural archives of postcolonial knowledge production. Original and provocative; Children of the Postcolony illuminates Filipino decolonization and argues for the vitality of its still unrealized dreamworld.