Wireless real-time performance monitoring with fuzzy logic protection capability for power inverter

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The increase of the demand in using renewable energy provides a significant increase of the use of the power inverter in the country. This study provides an opportunity to improve the reliability and capability of power inverters. The minimum and maximum values of the input parameters of the power inverter were characterized and were used as reference for the implementation of the fuzzy logic membership function. A wireless real-time monitoring system has been developed to monitor the critical parameters of the power inverter. It is composed of an Arduino compatible board, power sensors, voltage and current sensors, Zigbee wireless modules and a graphical user interface. For the power inverter protection, a fuzzy logic approach was implemented on the input side of the device. A fuzzy logic charge control is implemented to sustain the input parameters during the operation. Overall results of the study show an improvement on capability and reliability of the power inverter.