Analysis of Student Affect and Behavior While Playing a Mobile Game for English Comprehension

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We discuss a field study in which 30 public school students from grades 4, 5, and 6 play Learning Likha, a mobile-based game for practicing English comprehension. Using self-report questionnaires, a comprehension test, BROMP observations, and game interaction logs, we assessed the extent to which students understood the game’s contents and enjoyed playing the game. We also tried to determine any relationships between student achievement, affect, and behavior. Self-reported feedback about the game was positive, with students reporting interest, enjoyment, and sufficient challenge. Students across all grade levels exhibited engaged concentration and on-task activity while playing the game. However, post-test comprehension scores were low, especially for the younger participants. On-task conversation and confusion were negatively correlated with achievement. Additionally, on-task behavior and engaged concentration were positively correlated with number of interface taps.