A mobile augmented reality application with user defined virtual elements : an alternative way of art gallery interaction

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Master of Science in Computer Science


Information Systems & Computer Science

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Rodrigo, Ma. Mercedes T., Ph.D.


Several mobile augmented reality (AR) applications are rapidly growing especially those with educational purposes. However, most of these applications have system-generated virtual objects. As a result, the users will only be limited to those virtual objects. This study presents Cuovo, a type of mobile AR application where the users could create their own two-dimensional (2D) virtual objects using their own sketches or from a captured image and superimpose it into the real world. In this way, users will have the freedom to fully customize their own virtual objects based on their imagination. The users could create one or more virtual objects which also test their creativity. Furthermore, users could also interact with their created virtual objects through placing it in any location, moving it in any direction, and also change its sizes. This study also presents Cuovo:AAG, a use-case implementation of Cuovo developed specifically for the Ateneo Art Gallery. The Cuovo:AAG was evaluated by experts and users and the findings were discussed in terms of usability and feasibility of implementation in an Art Gallery setting.


The C7.B664 2018