Teacher efficacy, sense of belongingness, commitment and motivation to lead across gender, Asian and Western cultural identities

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Master of Arts in Education, major in Educational Administration



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Soto, Cornelia C., Ph.D.


Teacher Efficacy, Belongingness, Commitment and Motivation to Lead are concepts that are inherent in a teacher's career. This study investigates the profile of international school teachers according to their efficacy, belongingness, commitment and motivation across gender and Asian and Western cultural identities. This study used a correlational research to examine the relationship of teacher efficacy, belongingness, commitment with motivation to lead. The sample consisted of 100 teachers from international schools in China, Indonesia, Moscow, Philippines, and the United States who are nationals of Asian and Western countries. Male teachers showed higher efficacy level compared to their female counterparts. Teacher efficacy level across culture did not show significant difference between the two groups. Belongingness, commitment and motivation to lead across gender and cultural identity did not show significant difference in levels among the groups. Correlational research on teacher efficacy, belongingness, commitment showed significant relationship with motivation to lead.


The E3.G45 2017