Automated counter-melody generation for monophonic melodies

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Master of Science in Computer Science, Straight


Information Systems & Computer Science

First Advisor

Coronel, Andrei D., Ph.D.


The study aimed to create an automated process to generate counter-melodies. This was achieved by generating and deconstructing chord progressions, by assigning ratings to chords. The generated counter-melodies were then rated by an automated rubric, 10 human raters with background in music, and 10 human raters without a background in music. The counter-melodies made by this method have shown to have noticeable differences from human-made works, with a disparity in aural quality. At best the counter-melodies produced were of an average rating and far off from replacing human made works. However the results of the study are a step in the right direction.


The C7.P78 2017