Disaster readiness and risk reduction students' academic achievement, and attitude in a web-based learning platform

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Master of Science in Science Education



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Claveria, Rene Juna R., Ph.D.; Soto, Cornelia C., Ph.D.


Second Life is an online virtual world with pedagogical applications such as digital storytelling, role-playing, and community engagement. As a web-based learning platform, Second Life, has already gained the attention of educators around the globe, however, this has not been explored yet in the local educational setting.In an environment where an efficient and effective transfer of learning is becoming a challenge amidst technological advancements, this study proposes the use of Second Life as a web-based learning platform in delivering classroom instructions. This study aims to identify any relationship between the academic achievement and attitude of the learners. The respondents were from a city-funded local university involving two sections comprised of 30 students each with similar cognitive ability. The attitudinal survey used explored the students motivation, self-esteem, classroom climate, perception on Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction, and computer access.This study reveals that the post-academic achievement of the SL group is significantly higher compared to the non-SL group. In general, the mean post-attitudinal Likert score of the aforementioned variables remained the same for both groups even after the experimental procedure due to some external factors, like internet connectivity and availability of resources that made the situation unfavorable.


The B5.E546 2018