Uses and gratifications of artisans and enthusiasts participating in a social-networked artisan community

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Master of Arts major in Communication (Thesis Option)



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Ty, Andrew Albert J., M.A.


The rise of the social-networked artisan economy enabled by the networked-world has placed crafts back to the mainstream. This unprecedented networked community includes artisan and enthusiast members that sustain online conversations. Majority of Instagrams users have deep pockets yet artisans and enthusiasts choose to participate in the community. If not solely for income generation, this research asks, What gratifications do artisans and enthusiasts get from using Instagram as a platform for building a social-networked artisan community? Guided by Participatory Culture and Uses and Gratification Theory, this research conducted email interviews, analyzed data using the typological approach in qualitative analysis, and found the following gratifications that artisans and enthusiasts receive: (a) Gaining access to knowledge and skills; (b) Decompressing and expressing of personal and craft-related emotions; (c) Promoting personal style and chronicling progress; (d) Sharing knowledge and skills to the community; (e)Receiving validation of work through sales and feedback; (f) Appreciating art forms and other people by providing feedback and promoting others; (g) Keeping intouch with community and trends; and (h) Connecting with members for online and offline collaboration.


The C6.C565 2018