Readme.txt : a case study on the effectiveness of mobile learning in improving reading comprehension among students

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Master of Science in Computer Science


Information Systems & Computer Science

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Rodrigo, Ma. Mercedes T., Ph.D.


In 2015, the Department of Science and Technology funded a project on the development and deployment of an Adaptive, Interactive, SMS-Based Module for English entitled reADMU.txt. The project consists of short reading materials that could be transmitted via SMS. The reading materials include grammar and reading comprehension questions for grades 1, 2, and 6 public school students. The students should be able to take quizzes and receive performance scores by sending an SMS to 2929063304. The primary objective of this study is to determine how effective reADMU.txt is in improving reading comprehension skills among Filipino students. To evaluate, a three-level evaluation method was used focusing on the micro (usability), meso (knowledge gain and user engagement), and macro levels (institutional adoption). To facilitate an easier data gathering, an integrated learning management system was developed for reADMU.txt. An experimental test was then administered to 55 grade-7 students from Balara High School where they were asked to complete a pre-test and a post-test. The results have shown that reADMU.txt was not effective in improving the reading comprehension skills of the students in terms of usability, knowledge gain, user engagement, and institutional adoption. The recommendation is to introduce reADMU.txt in a more inclusive manner where the teacher is more involved in facilitating reADMU.txt to the students.


The C7.U8 2018