If I am not Well, I can't do Sessions Well: An Analysis of the Narratives of Filipino Therapists during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Psychology, Concentration in Counseling Psychology (Thesis Program)



First Advisor

Fernandez, Karina Therese G. Ph.D.


Research is uncovering the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental and emotional state of various populations around the world. It is of particular interest to this study to explore how the pandemic has affected psychologists who have to conduct therapy with clients in distress during this time. A qualitative approach was used to analyze the narratives of eight Filipino psychologists living in community quarantine and conducting therapy from March to December 2020. The results revealed four chapters: 1) “thrown up in the air”, 2) struggling to find their footing, 3) gaining stability, and 4) “finding new rhythm”. It was found that these psychologists also suffered emotional distress that many are experiencing around the world. Moreover, they needed to first regain stability in their wellbeing before being able to become effective helpers to their clients again, and that they eventually found new purpose and growth in their practice. This study documented and discussed the journey of therapists in a shared traumatic reality, from first exposure to growth.

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