A Syllabus for Teaching Catholic Social Doctrine to Grade 10 Students of Don Bosco Manila

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Master of Arts major in Theological Studies



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Edwin B. Odulio


This study proposes a renewal in the way the Catholic Social Doctrine is taught in the Christian Living Education Program of Don Bosco School Manila. It offers a way how CLE teachers can present the social teachings of the Church to Grade 10 students beyond the usual approach of discussing the Church magisterial teachings such as the social encyclicals and Vatican II documents. It uses the National Catechetical Directory of the Philippines’s principle of integration in redesigning the course syllabus and its contents to make the lessons become deeply connected with the experiences of the students, integrated into the faith’s doctrine, morals and worship dimensions, grounded in Scripture, and Christocentric and Trinitarian in nature. The materials proposed embody the hope of Don Bosco School Manila to guide their students to grow in their commitment to live out Jesus’ teachings and commandments through concrete living out of a life of justice and loving service for their society and the world.

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