An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Family Dynamics of Filipino Dual-Earner Couples with Discordant Work Schedule

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Psychology, Concentration in Counseling Psychology (Thesis Program)



First Advisor

Lota A. Teh, Ph.D.


A review of the local literature has shown a scarcity of studies that focus on family dynamics in Filipino dual-earner couples with discordant work schedule. Using a qualitative approach, this research examined the lived experiences of three Filipino dual-earner couples with young children where the wife has a standard work schedule while the husband has a nonstandard work schedule. Data from semi-structured interviews were analyzed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Overall results showed superordinate themes focusing on: (1) “Parang Boarding House”: Experiences of Spousal Absence; (2) “Nakakaraos Naman”: Experiences of Moving Forward despite Difficulties; and (3) “Para Maka-survive”: Experiences of Coming to Terms with Nonstandard Work Schedule. Implications on how dual-earner couples with discordant work schedule can manage better their relationships and responsibilities were discussed.

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