Chemistry background, teaching experience, professional development and self-efficacy as predictors of chemistry content knowledge : implications for the development of a national promotional examination

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Master of Science in Science Education



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Guidote, Armando, Jr., Ph.D.


The level of content knowledge (CK) in Chemistry of public secondary school teachers in Manila was assessed. This study correlated the CK in chemistry to chemistry background, teaching experience, involvement in professional development and self-efficacy of science teachers in selected schools within the Division of City School, Manila. The mentioned variables were studied to determine which greatly influenced the level of content knowledge of teachers in Chemistry. It forms part of the basis for drafting a National Promotional examination for public school teachers. The population of the study included one hundred (100) Grade 7-10 science teachers from ten (10) public secondary schools in Manila. The Chemistry Background and Teaching Experience Checklist, Professional Development Checklist, Self-efficacy Scale were given before respondents took the chemistry content knowledge test. The data shows that 80% of the respondents have very low chemistry background, and only 7% of the respondents have high chemistry background. The majority of science teachers handling grades 7-10 have the low level of Content Knowledge in Chemistry. Despite their possession of a degree, units in Master's, and substantial teaching experience, they are likely considered as beginners only, not content experts. The variables such as teaching experience, professional development, chemistry background, and self-efficacy are significantly correlated to the content knowledge of teachers in chemistry. Teachers' professional development and self-efficacy exert the strongest influence in the development of Content Knowledge of teachers in Chemistry.


The B5.G37 2017