Inclusive Education in Regular Private Education: An Exploratory Study

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Master of Arts major in Theological Studies



First Advisor

Veloso, Marites R.


Inclusion is one of the core principles of the K to 12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines. It is considered as one of the primary instructional strategies promoted by the Department of Education. This exploratory study intends to present how inclusion is being practiced among seven private regular education schools within Metro Manila, particularly from the perspective of school administrators and formation team members. The study explores on their perceptions about disability and inclusive education, their level of involvement in the practice of inclusion, and their perceptions about school culture. The participants of the study were chosen through purpose sampling, and the data were collected through the conduct of survey questionnaires and interviews. The quantitative findings reveal that the participants have a high level of knowledge about disability and inclusive education, as well as a high level of involvement in the practice of inclusion. Furthermore, the participants also have a very high collective perception of the presence of an effective and collaborative school culture in their respective schools. These results are further substantiated by the themes that have emerged from the qualitative data that have undergone thematic analysis. The findings of the study are also discussed in relation to its implications to educators and the field of Guidance and Counseling.

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