Using Structured Online Argumentation in Increasing Conceptual Understanding and Argument Quality of General Biology Students

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Master of Science in Science Education



First Advisor

Catherine Genevieve B. Lagunzad, PhD; Ma. Isabel Pefianco-Martin, PhD


One of the core themes of science education is to teach the students the skill of using evidence in drawing conclusions and in giving answers. This study investigated how the use of structured argumentation thru online modules could help students in developing their conceptual understanding of Biology. Moreover, it also assessed how the modules could have improved the argumentation skills of the students. Results of the study showed that the Grade 11 students started with a beginning-level of proficiency in the topics covered in Biology. In addition, it was revealed that all participants were able to make at least level -3 of argumentation based on the criteria by Erduran, 2004. This is characterized by the basic components of argumentation of Claim, Data, and Warrant as well as some attempt at making a rebuttal or counter- argument. After expert evaluation, the R-DOMs was revealed to have an excellent rating which is an indication of its general acceptability and appropriateness in teaching Biology according to the MELC set by DepEd. After the 6-week use of R-DOMs, the results show that the students significantly improved and reached the developing level of proficiency in Biology as evidenced by the results of the BKT. Moreover, the students also made significant improvements in their argument skill, specifically, a decrease in Level 1 arguments and subsequent increase in both Level 3 and Level 4 arguments.

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