Development of a 9-Channel Temperature Profiling System using Arduino Mega 2560 with Linear Regression Analysis


Irvin Yaun

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Electronics Engineering


Electronics, Computer, and Communications Engineering

First Advisor

Rosula S.J. Reyes, PhD; Patricia Angela R. Abu, PhD; Carlos M. Oppus, MS


Temperature Profiling is vital on all operations at a manufacturing company especially on processes using heat treatment such as ovens, furnaces, temperature cycling, and reflow ovens. In most cases there is an insufficient number of temperature profilers needed by all the manufacturing processes. The best alternative to acquiring the needed number of temperature profilers is sharing between the several processes. But this solution leads to manufacturing process downtime that eventually affects the production yield. This paper presents the development of a low-cost temperature profiling system. The system is designed using an Arduino Mega2560 microcontroller with a Raspberry-Pi used as CPU. It features an alert system with digital notification in case there is a system malfunction. It is software designed to present in a graphical format the temperature profiles.

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