A Netlogo Simulation of Behavior-Based and Random Walk (BRW) Method to Solve Area-Coverage Problem

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Electronics Engineering


Electronics, Computer, and Communications Engineering

First Advisor

Carlos M. Oppus, MS


According to the World Risk Report 2018, the Philippines ranked third in terms of disaster risk index. These disasters leave an area damaged and some with collapsed infrastructures. It is a dangerous place for the rescuers, and it is also a challenge for them to look for victims. The described scenario is common to area coverage problems. In this study, the proponent designed and built a Behavior-based and Random Walk (BRW) method through NetLogo simulation to solve the aforementioned problem. The proposed method was compared to other strategies that solves area-coverage problems for validation purposes through the same simulation platform. To test the functionality and ability to do area-coverage tasks the methods and strategies used in this study were also tested in two types of environment: with and without obstacles. The result shows that BRW was able to do area-coverage tasks better than the existing method especially in an environment with obstacles through NetLogo Simulations.

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