An Analysis of Philippine Discourses on Cultural Diplomacy

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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Major in Social Organizational Psychology



First Advisor

Ma. Elizabeth J. Macapagal, PhD


Most research on cultural diplomacy focus on relating with foreign populations. The current paper uses a discursive lens in exploring how cultural diplomacy is constructed in Philippine on-line media in order to contribute to the knowledge of the concept which has various, even overlapping definitions. A discourse analysis of 187 on-line articles on Philippine cultural diplomacy since the promulgation of the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 show constructions of cultural diplomacy as a core aspect of Philippine international relations work, which includes engaging the fellow Filipino, and as an instrument in fostering better relations, peace and common goals among peoples. The components and benefits of Philippine cultural diplomacy are also specified. Whereas the notion of diplomacy usually includes engagement of foreign nationals, the present study revealed that Filipino cultural diplomacy includes partnering, promoting to, educating and empowering its own nationals, particularly Filipinos abroad, including their descendants. Situated in the context of being a migrant-sending country, an analysis of discourse, with its action-orientation, shows how talk and text on cultural diplomacy contribute to defining Filipino identity.

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