Mapping Social Network Influences of Recovering Filipino Drug Users in Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation

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Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology



First Advisor

Ma. Regina M. Hechanova, PhD


This study examined structural changes in social network influences of recovering drug users. Anchored on the theory of social influences and social network, recovering drug user’s social network interactions were mapped-out using social network analysis. Exploratory sequential mixed method design was employed to develop a survey measuring social network influences, pre- and post- community- based drug rehabilitation (CBDR). Results show members of drug user’s immediate families, friends, and their neighborhoods were significant influencers in their social network, granting provisions that either enhance or hinder drug recovery. This study also found structural changes in the social network influences post drug intervention. There was a significant reduction in the use and mobilization of network provisions (i.e. stigma, maltreatment, financial, abandonment, burdensome) with negative influences. Implications on the practices and design of community-based drug rehabilitation and aftercare programs are discussed.

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