In-Service Teachers' Training Program on Content Knowledge (CK) in Disaster Science and Science Process Skills (SPS): A Case Study

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Master of Science in Science Education



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Joel T. Maquiling, PhDMr. Ivan B. Culaba


The purpose of the study was to develop a training program for in-service science teachers with the aim of enhancing their competence in terms of content knowledge in disaster science education and science process skills. Thirty-one teachers, of which 19 had less than 5 years of teaching experience, and 12 had more than 4 years of teaching experience, from 4 public secondary schools were invited to participate in the training which was design based on the analysis of their pretest. For a total of 37 hours, the teacher-participants performed activities and investigations that focused on topics in tropical cyclones and earthquakes employing the Active Learning method. The case study utilized the exploratory-sequential mixed method research design where phase 1 involved the collection of quantitative data and was subsequently validated by phase 2 which was the collection of the qualitative data. Findings show that before the training program the teacher-participants performed below expectations in their content knowledge of disaster science and science process skills. After the training program, the teachers had significantly improved their competence as revealed by the evaluation of their formative assessment and posttest performance. Looking at the two groups of teachers, their gains were comparable and had no significant difference. The analysis of focus group discussion and reflection journal responses revealed that the training program fostered introspection, collaboration, and a general sense of positive outlook on the integration of disaster science and science process skills in the teachers’ lessons.

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