Design and Demonstration of a Mobile Cloud System for Smart Transportation Use Case

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Master of Science in Electronics Engineering


Electronics, Computer, and Communications Engineering

First Advisor

Nathaniel Joseph C. Libatique, PhDGregory S. Tangonan, PhD


Filipinos suffer from one of the slowest and most expensive Internet in the Southeast Asia region and in the world. Besides the costly Internet, mobile network coverage is still limited. Fifth generation (5G) of mobile communication system promises better performance than LTE as an answer to the increasing number of devices connected to the Internet and, for the extreme mobile broadband use case, the demand for multimedia content. AIC has been conducting research using the Mobile Cloud and this paper built on this technology and incorporating 5G. A good use case demonstration proposed is a caching service at transport hubs which build up on the research of AIC on the VHUB standard and Mobile Cloud and the availability of the e-jeep system which can act as a surrogate transport system. A Non-Stand Alone 5G Site (5G NSA) is used in this test case. In this architecture, a 4G eNB is used as a master of a 5G gNB site. Connection to the 5G network is made possible by 5G Indoor Gateway which will be referred to as the 5G Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) in this paper. A smart transportation use case was designed and initially demonstrated. For contents to be loaded to the Mobile cloud, content generation for Ateneo content set-ups were designed and demonstrated that can be uploaded to the Mobile cloud via 4G/5G network. With the preloaded content in the Mobile Cloud, people waiting for their rides can stream and download multimedia content. For this initial demonstration, the contents of the Mobile Cloud were limited to contents generated within the campus and previous AIC deployments.

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