Review of the Genus Graphelmis Deleve, 1968 (Insecta: Coleoptera: Elmidae) in the Philippines

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Master of Science in Biology



First Advisor

Hendrik Freitag, PhD


Delève erected the genus Graphelmis for medium-sized Oriental Riffle Beetles in 1968. Freitag et al. (2016) currently recognize four endemic species in the Philippines. Updates on the Graphelmis species distribution in the Philippines is extended. The new species are recorded from the following islands: Graphelmis sp. A: two sites in Samar; Graphelmis sp. B: Siargao Island; Graphelmis sp. C from Kidapawan, Mindanao; Graphelmis sp. D from Palawan Island. This research concludes that 1) various species groups of Graphelmis have reached the Philippine islands by dispersal via the Palawan Corridor;; 2) the island endemism status in Philippine elmid water beetles is elevated; 3) elmid fauna especially in the Visayas and Mindanao are still insufficiently studied; and 4) several, if not all, Philippine Graphelmis species might have value as bioindicators, since they appear to be restricted to undisturbed lotic habitats.

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