Tracing the Hybridity of Fields Avenue through Flanerie

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts major in Literary and Cultural Studies



First Advisor

Alona U. Guevara, PhD


This thesis is geared towards the identification of the representations of Fields Avenue through various texts of different media as hybridity is traced after the spatial analysis. Through flânerie, the narratives in these representations are identified as the hybridity is traced in every medium. The paper employs storywalking including the initial auto-ethnography for the background with the researcher as a flâneuse to supplement the spatial analysis of the selected written and visual texts and the determination of their representation of the street. The written texts include John Jack Wigley’s “Bui Doi in the City” and “Fancy Dancers,” which involve the author’s experiences on Fields Avenue in the memoirs. The term hybridity is employed in the written materials using the selected characters as the flâneurs. The visual texts include the photographs of Hannah Reyes-Morales, Dave Tacon, and John Keatley. The paper finds the presence of hybridity in the elements of the street and the match among the representations of the Fields Avenue in the selected texts. With that, Angeles City’s Fields Avenue becomes a space that offers more than sex and entertainment and is consistently represented by different media as this street stitches various stories of the walkers who traverse it to create its possessed identity.

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