The Lived Experiences of Secondary English Teachers in the Implementation of a Reading Remediation Program

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Master of Arts major in English Language and Literature Teaching (Option I-Thesis)



First Advisor

Mr. Michael Ian Benedict P. Estipona


The existence of poor readers and nonreaders in a public secondary high school became a major concern in the said institution. As a solution to the said problem, a reading remediation program was implemented. However, instead of being an answer to the problem of students’ poor reading skills, the reading remediation program was regarded by educators as ineffective. Thus, the present study aims to understand why the reading remediation program was regarded as ineffective through the lived experiences of the program implementers. Using a Focus Group Discussion, substantial data were obtained which pivot on the challenges faced by the program implementers during the execution of the program, the coping strategies used and the program’s implementation fidelity check. The findings revealed that the challenges occurred drove the program implementers to use coping strategies which scarcely served as a solution to the problem. Also, diverse problems occurred in the coping strategies used. Furthermore, the implementation fidelity check showed very low implementation fidelity on how the program was implemented.

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