Students' Perceptions on the Use of a Model Text in Learning Informative Essay Writing, Developing Autonomy, and Expresssing Authorial Voice

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Degree Name

Master of Arts major in English Language and Literature Teaching (Option I-Thesis)



First Advisor

Ms. Devi Benedicte I. Paez


This case study investigated the students’ perceptions on the use of a model text in learning how to write an Informative Essay. It described to what extent the students learned how to write, developed autonomy, and expressed their voices in writing upon the use of a model text. It involved 18 incoming Grade 9 students during the research locale’s Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) for School Year 2019-2020 and their English teacher. Classroom observations, semi-structured interview with six student participants, and the teacher participant’s evaluation of the students’ written output based on certain standards of writing and their over-all voice were conducted. The findings of the study revealed that despite being able to utilize the model text, the student participants were not able to fully develop their skills in writing in English, particularly in terms of having autonomy and expressing authorial voice.

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