The Implementation of Indigenous Peoples Education Program in the Ayta Magbukun Tribe of Bataan, Philippines

Date of Award


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Master of Arts in Education, major in Educational Administration



First Advisor

Cornelia C. Soto, PhD


Providing Indigenous Peoples with education that is culturally rooted and responsive has been the concern of many countries and a number of both local and international organizations. In the Philippines, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued a Department Order series 2011, entitled “National Indigenous Peoples Education Policy Framework,” which aims to create educational system that is inclusive and respectful of Indigenous learners, and would enable them to face various social realities and challenges such as exercising self-determination, preservation and promotion of their local language, digital technology, and intercultural collaboration. In this Depeartment Order, the DepEd adopted the National Indigenous Peoples Education Curriculum Framework in its Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) Program. This study examined the implementation of the said Program in the Indigenous School of Bangkal, Abucay, Bataan. Students and DepEd personnel were interviewed and asked to answer the questionnaires about Content, Pedagogy, and Assessment designed by the researcher. Classroom observation was also conducted to enhance the reliability of the data. This study will contribute to the efforts of DepEd and stakeholders in enhancing the implementation of IPEd Program in the components of Content, Pedagogy, and Assessment. This can also be a substantial reference in formulating contextualized and indigenized curriculum, and designing classroom instruction appropriate to the culture and traditions of indigenous peoples, particularly Ayta Magbukun tribe.

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