The Role of a Children's Museum in Supplementing the Early Grade Curriculum: An Exploratory Case Study

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Master of Arts in Education, major in Basic Education Teaching (Option 1: Thesis)



First Advisor

Maria Resurreccion P. Alejo, PhD


Museums have been seen as alternative educational institutions. Given this, this research aimed to investigate how museums play a role in supplementing the school curriculum in the Philippine context. Given the relatively new K-12 integrated curriculum being applied in schools especially to the Kindergarten level to the early grades, this research aimed to check if there is an alignment between and integration of what is taught and learned by the students, the perceptions of the students regarding their learning experiences inside these institutions and the implications of this to the teachers and the museum workers. After coding and classifying the data acquired through various qualitative means, the results of the research show that museums do play a role in supplementing the early grades curriculum through their philosophies, mission-vision and goals, methods employed, and the experiences they foster whether it is intended or accidental within their facility.

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