Learning computational thinking through a collaborative mobile serious game

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Master of Science in Computer Science, Straight


Information Systems & Computer Science

First Advisor

De Vera, Jose Alfredo A., III, Ph.D.


Computational Thinking refers to thought processes based on computer science concepts that help promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills which students can employ within multiple disciplines. In order for students to develop these skills in a motivational and engaging manner as an alternative to traditional programming, a possible solution is in the creation of a mobile serious game. While several studies have already explored mobile serious games, one common problem is that these are often not grounded in any learning framework. Moreover, there exists much less literature in serious mobile games with regards to fostering computational thinking and programming skills, as well as implementations that take advantage of mobile features such as collaboration. This study aims to bridge this gap by creating a mobile serious game incorporating collaborative learning concepts in developing student Computational Thinking problem-solving skills. In this game, each players device was connected to the network, and each pair of players had to work together through a multiplayer platform by cooperating in solving each game level puzzle. The serious mobile game has been shown to let students exhibit different CT skills, along with these CT skills influencing and enhancing both the problem-solving and collaborative processes.


The C7.T374 2018