Effect of message frames on dairy farmers' perceived importance of artificial insemination and subsequent adoption intention

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Master of Arts major in Communication (Thesis Option)



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Valdez, Violet B., Ph.D.


The research integrates the concept of framing in the study of diffusion of innovation. It explored the perceived importance of frames used in government-published information materials on the farmers decision-making, specifically their intent to adopt innovation. The study aimed to determine the message frames used to report Artificial Insemination (AI) in government-published print media and their influence in the farmers perceived importance of AI. It also sought to find out how frames enhanced technology attributes and influence decision-making. The influence of the following frames social progress, economic development,scientific validity, and public engagement/testimony on perceived importance of AI and subsequent adoption intention were tested.Data were gathered in a survey conducted among a cluster sample of 90 dairy farmers from the National Impact Zone for Carabao-based Enterprise Development in Nueva Ecija. Findings show that framing effect was strongest among farmers who are more familiar with the frames content than the less familiar farmers. Only two frames predicted perceived importance and adoption intention: economic development and scientific validity. Results imply that recipients of the message should have prior knowledge about the technology for framing effect to occur. Findings suggest the potential of framing to influence target behavioral intention among adopters of government research and development outputs.


The C6.B864 2018