Context-based laboratory activities in physics and chemistry using low-cost kits for junior public high school

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Master of Science in Science Education



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Maquiling, Joel T., Ph.D


This study describes the researcher's efforts to develop context-based laboratory activities and low-cost science kits for physics and chemistry in the Grade 10 level in a junior public high school setting. The effectiveness of these teaching materials were also assessed and quantified by teacher and student respondents via descriptive and quantitative measures. The strengths and concerns of this particular school particularly the condition of its science laboratories were considered in designing these activities and kits. The activities and kits described in this study aim to promote the use of low-cost chemicals and reagents; and encourage the improvisation of equipment and materials. These activities and kits were evaluated by 12 teachers and field-tested by 30 Grade 10 students. A standardized multiple-choice pretest and posttest consisting of 65 items in chemistry and 50 items in physics were used to measure the mean gain performances of the students who used these activities and kits. The pretest was also used to determine the least mastered topics among these students before they were allowed to use the science activities and kits. After the students used these activities and kits, the posttest was administered to measure their mean gain performance. The teacher and student respondents found the activities and kits effective and acceptable overall. Mean gain performances in both physics and chemistry increased significantly for these two subjects. In addition, the mean scores of students who used these activities and kits were significantly higher than those who did not.


The B5.S26 2017