Odonata fauna of riparian habitats in selected areas of Luzon and Mindoro Region

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Master of Science in Biology



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Villanueva, Reagan Joseph T., M.D.


Odonata considered as potential indicator of environmental disturbances. Despite of great of great efforts in recording the Odonata fauna of the Philippines in general, the riparian habitats in Bataan/Subic Bay (Luzon) and Mt. Hinunduang/Baroc River Catchment (Mindoro) are still unexplored. Due to continuous forest and freshwater habitats destruction, faunal survey of Odonata species is urgent. The present study surveyed selected riparian habitats in these regions in December 2015 to April 2016. A total of two hundred six species belonging to twenty genera (Heteronaias, Brachydiplax, Diplacodes, Macrodiplax, Neurothemis, Orthetrum, Pantala, Potamarcha, Trithemis, Zyxoma, Neurobasis, Cyrano, Rhinocypha, Agriocnemis, Ischnura, Pseudagrion, Teinobasis, Euphaea, Coeliccia, and Risiocnemis) were recorded and seven endemic species of the family Platycnemididae, Euphaeidae, and Calopterygidae were documented in both regions. From the collected specimens, one species under the family Platycnemididae is new to science but additional collection and evaluation are needed. The data collected contribute to the understanding of Odonata diversity and distributions in the regions and support future conservation and management strategies.


The B5.E76 2017