Exploring communication approaches in an online learning environment via the e-LeAP platform

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Master of Arts major in Communication (Thesis Option)



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Cox, Christine Anne R., Ph.D.


The usage of media and technology in the academe, specifically in online platforms, has been widely accepted in various levels of education. Learners usually exhibit a more positive attitude towards their learning experience when instruction includes such technology. On the other hand, instructors are challenged to innovate curricula to include the usage of various electronic and digital materials. Previous studies regarding the application of online platforms have revealed that interactions are crucial to computer-mediated environments, and that learning with online platforms take on different forms, depending on how technology is integrated in instruction. This research referred to the Community of Inquiry framework by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2000) to investigate these interactions, and analyzed the communication approaches of students and teachers in the e-Learning Access Program (e-LeAP) of the University of Santo Tomas, specifically the tertiary level course Academic Writing Skills. The data gathered and analyzed through mixed methods revealed that users of e-LeAP carefully construct their written messages to maintain a formal academic tone and avoid misunderstanding. This research implies that the usage of online platforms such as e-LeAP supports the educational experience of a web-enhanced course.


The C6.R455 2018