Empirically-Informed Sexual Ethics of Solidarity: Interdisciplinary Ethical Reflections on Pre- Marital Sex / Sexual Debut among the Youth

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To better understand the young’s pre-marital/non-marital sexual experiences, this article enlists some underlying sociological factors that either act as triggers of misbehavior or shapers of appropriate behavior. The quantitative/experiential aspect of the article, including some cross-cultural examples, will lend support to its arguments and toward the adoption of a form of sexual ethics of solidarity. Thus, it discusses how immersion in varied socio-cultural contexts could explain or shape moral agency; that wholesome environments and spaces could raise the ethical principles of solidarity, and; that norms may be derived from the lessons of stories and spaces. The overall method of this article shows a more respectful, well-researched, and well-contextualized arguments that can actually help teachers, parents, and the youth in dealing concretely with sexual intimacy issues like those that trouble and destabilize the most vulnerable.