Submissions from 2021


Hydraena (s.str.) dinarica, new species (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae) along with further records of Hydraena spp. from Durmitor National Park, Montenegro and comments on the DNA barcoding problem with the genus, Hendrik Freitag, Rick de Vries, Marta Paterno, Simone Maestri, Massimo Delledonne, Cameron G. Thompson, Helena Lamed, Rebekah Lambert, Michael F. Fox, Mariela C. Gonzalez, Emmanuel D. Delocado, Marc R. Sabordo, Clister V. Pangantihon, and Iva Njunjić

Submissions from 2017


Here Be Dragons: Using Dragons as Models for Phylogenetic Analysis, Ronald Allan L. Cruz

Submissions from 2015


The Cosmic Wild: Biology of Science Fiction, Ronald Allan L. Cruz

Submissions from 2013


Aliens in the Classroom: Fantastical Creatures as Tools in Teaching Biology, Ronald Allan L. Cruz

Submissions from 2012


Mutations and Metamorphoses: Body Horror is Biological Horror, Ronald Allan L. Cruz