Recovering Filipino Production of a Maritime Anthropology

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This paper inquires into the relative paucity of published ethnographic work on fishing communities in the Philippines written for and by Filipinos. For an archipelagic nation; the local ethnographic literature on coastal and fishing communities should perhaps be expected to be more expansive. This project began from an awareness that there are quite a number of good ethnographies languishing on library shelves in the form of unpublished theses and dissertations. Many can also be found among research reports produced in the course of long-term 'Coastal Resource Management' (CRM) projects conducted in various parts of the Philippines. Spanning more than a century; unpublished 'gray literature' on the generally marginalized sector of fisherfolk communities has survived in obscurity; and still waits to carve a mark in the published anthropological literature. In the process of surfacing existing material relating to the field of ‘maritime anthropology’ from various parts of the country; we reflect on the practices and production of anthropological scholarship through time.