Development of a Model for a Great Place to Work and Its Perceived Outcomes: An Example from the Philippines

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This study identifies factors that characterize a great place to work for employees. Factors were identified through content analysis of interviews with employees from different industries and job levels. A survey tool was developed and administered to 340 Filipino employees. Findings point to nature of work, the work environment, organizational culture and direction, coworker relationships, relationship with supervisor, compensation, benefits, and rewards, and developmental opportunities as important dimensions that engender positive perceptions of the workplace. Furthermore, the study identifies positive employee attitudes shaped by being in a great place to work. Factor analysis was used to establish the validity of the survey tool while Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to develop the model and to determine the relationships between the predictor and outcome variables. Findings show that a great place to work predicts employee attitudes, which then predict perceived employee productivity.