The development and pilot evaluation of a mental health mobile app in the Philippines

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to test a mobile application for mental health created for Filipinos. Specifically, it tested the Lusog-Isip mobile app vis-à-vis a mental health workbook as they affect psychosocial well-being and coping strategies of users.

Design/methodology/approach: This study used a randomized control trial design. Participants were assigned to two conditions: a treatment group using the mobile app and a control group that used an existing mental health workbook. Pre- and post-tests were conducted before and two weeks after.

Findings: Results revealed improved psychological well-being and use of cognitive reappraisal for both mobile app and workbook users. Users of the mobile app reported higher scores compared to those who used the workbook for emotional release.

Originality/value: This study adds to the dearth of knowledge on the use of a mobile application for mental health in low-resource countries. It highlights the potential of using digital technologies to provide access to mental health resources in underserved populations.