The Role of Sex Guilt as a Mediating Variable in the Association of Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction: An Intersectional Approach

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This study aimed to determine the role of sex guilt as a mediating variable in the association between relationship and sexual satisfaction in the Filipino culture. Sex guilt is the generalized expectancy for self-mediated punishment for violating, or for the anticipation of violating, proper sexual conduct. Using intersectionality as a lens, this study imposed a mediation model on four categories: (1) Unmarried Filipino Women; (2) Married Filipino Women; (3) Unmarried Filipino Men; (4) Married Filipino Men. Secondary analysis of data from 630 Filipino participants completing an online questionnaire of sexual behaviors was done. Results showed that sex guilt has no significant associations with relationship and sexual satisfaction in both Married Filipino Women and Unmarried Filipino Men. However, sex guilt exhibited a significant indirect effect in the link between relationship and sexual satisfaction in both Unmarried Filipino Women and Married Filipino Men. Results of this study could aid in finding a culturally grounded definition of sexual satisfaction, implementation of sexual health programs, education, and addressing needs of married couples in marital and relationship therapy in the country.