Courage Required: LGBTQ Leadership Research in Multifaceted Realities

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With the plethora of globalization dimensions that continue to impact leadership research; it is relevant to understand how diversity impacts leadership practice as embedded within social contexts. In this light; this chapter focuses on the practices involved in conducting leadership research; particularly with the LGBTQ community. Leadership research on gender may be sparse; but the continued proliferation of LGBTQ leaders in top positions across different sectors provides the opportunity to increase leadership research in this field. This chapter looks at the various factors that will impact conducting LGBTQ leadership research: the biases of the researchers themselves; issues of suppression by the LGBTQ community leading to fear of self-expression; and the social and cultural acceptance of the LGBTQ. It then looks at the processes in carrying out LGBTQ leadership research: selecting the participants to source the data from; the instruments in conducting research; the procedures involved in the actual gathering of data and the ethical components that need to be strengthened throughout the tasks involved in the research protocol. This chapter reminds us that conducting LGBTQ leadership research is not an easy task; it requires courage to bring forward the voice of a marginalized community.