If You Build It, Will They Come? Adoption of Online Counselling among Overseas Migrant Workers

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This study presents a model integrating perspectives from migration, help-seeking behaviour and technology adoption in examining the adoption of online counselling for migrant workers. The model suggests that adoption of online counselling among overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is driven by a felt need and nature of location. Expressed concerns typically related to marital and relationship issues, family and parenting, homesickness and loneliness, work-related, and cultural adjustment. Majority of site users were based in the Middle East. A second factor influencing online counselling adoption is technology acceptance and adoption. In particular, data from non-users reveal that access to technology and lack of skills are major barriers to use indicating technology. Finally, the interviews also highlight the cultural barriers and misconceptions that may hinder migrant workers from seeking online counselling. However, site users report positive feedback about the site in providing social support to OFWs.